Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Credible Sport

The CREDIBLE SPORT DVD of the program you watched on "Wings", "Shockwave" and "Destroyed in Seconds" is NOW available for purchase.

Have you ever seen a C-130 take off like a Harrier VTOL?  Now you can watch a C 130 take off in less than 50 feet of runway and attain an altitude of 100 feet in the process.  

"Iran Hostage rescue STOL Aircraft, code-named Credible Sport, is in DVD format and ready to purchase. The DVD includes Lockheed, C 130 Hercules aircraft, the USAF, SuperSTOL technology, and project SKY HOOK or Combat Talon surface to air recovery.  This DVD includes actual test footage of modified 

This 48-minute DVD includes everything broadcast on "Destroyed in Seconds" and SHOCK WAVE plus all the footage of Project Credible Sport, AC 130 Gunship, Project Apollo and Combat Talon for only Twenty-Five Dollars the price includes the cost of shipping & handling.  Payment can be made by PAY PAL money order or certified check; payable to Credible Sport Productions.

Please mail your money orders/certified checks to:

Tim Rathbone, President
Credible Sport Productions
POB 4700 
Paso Robles, 
CA  93447

Order Form:  

Please send me ___DVD(s) @ $25.00 each.
Enclosed is payment for ___ DVD(s)s which totals $______.

Mail DVD(s) to:
Name ____________________________________
City ______________________________________
State______     Zip_______________
E-mail address  (optional): ________________________

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